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3-6 players
4-6 hours
Lonny Orgler
1854 is a railroad operations and share trading board game in the 18XX series, published by both Lonny Orgler in 2002 and Deep Thought Games, LLC in 2005. The game was designed by Lonny Orgler and is set in Austria. It features a hexagonal stock market, local railways which operate on a smaller map (which takes place on two hexes of the large map), mail contracts, 150% capitalization, and player share options. There are also tunnels which allow you to build under other track and terrain features, such as avoiding small cities. The local railways eventually grow up to be regional railroads operating on the main map, and the tradeoff between getting good revenues on the local map versus getting locked out of important locations on the main map is an important decision to make.

The differences between the versions offered by Lonny Orgler and Deep Thought Games, LLC are solely cosmetic -- there are no gameplay differences.

Railroad Companies Represented

  • Kaiser Franz Joseph-Bahn
  • Kaiserin Elisabeth-Bahn
  • Kärntner Bahn
  • Kronprinz Rudolph-Bahn
  • Nordtiroler Bahn
  • Salzburger Bahn
  • Südbahn
  • Vorarlberger Bahn

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