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2-5 players
2.5-3.5 hours
Tom Lehmann
Midwest USA
1846 is a railroad operations and share trading board game in the 18XX series, published by Deep Thought Games, LLC in 2005. The game was designed by Thomas Lehmann and is set in the Mid-western United States. It features a linear stock market (like 1829), n/m trains (which count n cities but may run through m total cities) and a simplified private company distribution. Another unusual feature is that the number of corporations, private companies, and the bank size all scale with the number of players, and the resulting game is shorter than most 18XX games.

East-west bonuses encourage the building of historical routes, while the special abilities given to the private companies provide variety in map development depending on how they are distributed. Generally, all track building costs money (the IC gets free track placements on its historical route), which also serves to cut down on useless track placement in the endgame.

Railroad Companies Represented

  • Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
  • Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad
  • Erie Railroad
  • Grand Trunk Railway
  • Illinois Central Railroad
  • New York Central Railroad
  • Pennsylvania Railroad

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