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2-6 players
4-6 hours
W. R. Dixon
Southeast USA
1832 is a railroad operations and share trading board game in the 18XX series, published by Deep Thought Games in 2006. The game was designed by Bill Dixon and is set in the Southeastern United States. It retains the new rules Bill introduced in 1850 and 1870 for share price protection, stock redeeming, and reiussing, while adding new rules to model the mergers that shaped the South's railroads.

1832 is designed to fit with 1830, 1850, and 1870 so that a combined game could be played across the entire eastern half of the United States. An expansion kit will be available in the future to provide the rules for such a combined game and the necessary components.

Railroad Companies Represented

  • Atlanta and West Point Railroad
  • Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
  • Central of Georgia Railway
  • Florida East Coast Railway
  • Georgia Railroad
  • Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad
  • Louisville and Nashville Railroad
  • Norfolk and Western Railroad
  • Seaboard Air Line Railroad
  • Southern Railway

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