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Mark Derrick

Mark Derrick works for the Tennessee Department of Transportation as a Civil Engineer and graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1982. He is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Tennessee and has been married to his wife Maria since 1979.

He runs an annual 18XX convention, the Chattanooga Rail Game Challenge, in January or February of each year. The event draws has recently drawn over 50 players each year, including many from outside the United States.

Published Games

  • 1851 - Tennessee (1998, published by Chris Lawson with modifications)
  • 18AL - Alabama (1999, self-published and by John David Galt)
  • 18GA - Georgia (1998, self-published and by John David Galt)
  • 18MEX - Mexico (2005, Deep Thought Games)
  • 18TN - Tennessee (2006, Deep Thought Games)
He is working on 18Dixie which is a large game that includes 18GA as a playable subset (with the Cotton Port variant) and connects to 18TN to provide a 6-panel map covering the entire Southeastern United States.

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