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David G.D. Hecht

David G.D. Hecht circa 2003
David Hecht is a designer of board games. Hecht has been playing boardgames since 1971, when he was introduced to Alan Calhamer's Diplomacy and SPI's Borodino by his history teacher. He has been playing railroad games since a friend introduced him to Rail Baron in 1977. He was introduced to 18XX games when a friend brought back a copy of 1829 from a trip to England and has not looked back since.

David has assisted in game development since 1972, when he first began attending sessions of SPI's "Friday Night Follies" in downtown Manhattan. He also participated in playtesting of the original Cosmic Encounter from Eon Games.

David was first inspired to design an 18xx game in 1995, when he met Federico Vellani, the designer of 1841 and 1849, at RailCon '95 in Lancaster, PA. Federico, the convention guest of honor, had brought some prototypes of his works in progress, 1827 and 1827Jr, and strongly encouraged David to try his own hand at it.

David has designed, developed and published the following games (all of which are available from Deep Thought Games):